IntelliJ IDEA

Shortcut What it does
Double Shift search everything
Ctrl Shift A find action
Ctrl N find class
Ctrl E switch buffer
Ctrl Shift N find file
Ctrl Alt Shift N find symbol
Ctrl B go to declaration
Ctrl Alt B go to implementors
Ctrl Shift B go to type declaration
Ctrl Shift T go to test/back
Alt 1 toggle file list
Alt Ins create file
Alt 7 file structure pane
Ctrl F12 file structure quick jump
Shift F6 rename
Ctrl Alt V create variable from expression
Ctrl F6 add parameter
Alt = type under cursor
Ctrl Q more type info
Ctrl P check desired parameter when calling method
Ctrl Shift I show definition
Ctrl Alt Shift = show implicits
Ctrl Alt Shift - hide implicits
Ctrl - collapse
Ctrl + expand
Ctrl / comment/uncomment
Ctrl J template
Ctrl Space autocompletion
Ctrl Shift Space context completion
Ctrl Alt O organize imports
F2 go to next error (warning)
Ctrl Shift F10 run test
Shift F10 rerun last test

Action List