Teas I’ve enjoyed


Sencha Yutaka Midori from O-Cha

Easily my favourite sencha. Careful with the temperature!

Pre-heat 100ml gaiwan, ~4 grams leaves, smell… ahh.


  1. brew 65°C half a minute
  2. 65°C strain immediately
  3. 70°C perhaps 10 seconds
  4. improvise based on previous results

Sencha Asanoka Hi Ire

No idea, bought in Probuzený Slon perhaps?

Yame Gyokuro from O-Cha

Use lotsa leaf!

  1. perhaps 50°C half a minute
  2. 50°C strain immediately


13 years aged Da Hong Pao from Yunnan Sourcing

Easy brew, start at 90°C and take it from there.

Tie Guan Yin

Looking for my favourite…

Long Mei Yunnan

Super easy brew green tea. Best to start from 80°C, but anything goes. Makes an insane amount of brewings for a green tea.

2016 Yunnan Sourcing “Red Monkey” Raw Pu-erh Tea Mini Cake

A good young cheap sheng puerh, no longer available.